Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wisata Sumba Nusa Tenggara Timur

Sumba Island can be reached by air through two airport. Tambolaka airport in West Sumba and Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport in East Sumba.
Serviced daily flights by the airline Merpati, Batavia and TransNusa. From Jakarta aircraft will transit in Denpasar, Bali before continuing the journey to this island. Merpati flight by the end aims to Kupang, the path-Tambolaka-Waingapu Denpasar-Kupang and vice versa. Air travel from Waingapu Tambolaka to take less than 10 minutes, the time to observe from the air Sumba.
This island can also be reached by sea from the port of Sape, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara and Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.
Do not forget to bring a map of the island and city maps to estimate distances and locations. Maps can be downloaded from several sites travel guide.
Condition of main roads that connect major cities on Sumba has been relatively good. The streets are still much smaller damaged, hollow and muddy when it rains. There are several bridges that are still under repair, so motorists must cross the creek.
Public transport is available on main routes. Transportation between cities by car elves, usually so full up of passengers hanging from the doors and roof of the car. Path to the more remote areas served by several trucks with erratic schedules.
Two big cities, Waingapu and Waikabubak can be achieved with a travel worth USD 50 thousand and takes about 5 hours. Travel will pick up and deliver passengers to their destination.

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